Juliet(son of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)

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3.K.F.247/G11(8)KUNJU THANKOM (Juliet) [3.T.F. 218] 1935 to 22-6-1963 Saturday. She married Philip, son of Ouseppachan and Rageena, Charankat (Puthen veetil), Chennaveli. This couple has two children.


  1. Lassamma (3.Ch.F.248).
  2. Kunjumon 3.Ch.F.249).

3.Ch.F.248/G12(1)LASSAMMA [3.T.F.247] 17.2.1957. She married Sebastin 20.1.1946, son of S.J. Ousephan and Thankamma, Srampickal, Pallithode. He is working as a Post master, and she is working as an agent in LIC of India. They bought a property and a house at Thuravoor and they settled there.


  1. Lisa 2.10.1976.
  2. Liju 5.5.1978.
  3. Lini25.11.1979.

3.Ch.F.249/G12(2)KUNJUMON[3.T.F. 247] 2-2-1960. He married Saijamol, daughter of Thariyan and Chinnamma [T.3.F.168] Srampickal, Pallithode. This couple has two children. He is working as a driver at Alapuzha they settled at Alapuzha.


  1. Selina
  2. Shoha.