Juliet(daughter of K.S.Joseph 3.K.F.218)

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KUNJU THANKOM (Juliet) 1935 to 22-6-1963 Saturday. She married Philip, son of Ouseppachan and Rageena, Charankat (Puthen veetil), Chennaveli. This couple has two children.


  1. Lassamma
  2. Kunjumon

Lassamma 17.2.1957. She married Sebastian 20.1.1946, son of S.J. Ousephchan and Thankamma, Srampickal, Pallithode. He is working as a Post master, and she is working as an agent in LIC of India. They bought a property and a house at Thuravoor and settled there.


  1. Lisa (2.10.1976)
  2. Liju (5.5.1978)
  3. Lini (25.11.1979)

KUNJUMON 2-2-1960. He married Saijamol, daughter of Thariyan and Chinnamma [T.3.F.168] Srampickal, Pallithode. This couple has two children. He is working as a driver at Alapuzha they settled at Alapuzha.


  1. Selina
  2. Shoha