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Advanced military weapons have always scared human beings, and rightfully so because humans inherently wish to stay alive. They fear the enemy might come into their city, or civilization and wreak havoc. In fact this is a real fear because throughout human history there have been battles, wars, and marauding armies raping and pillaging. Okay so, I'd like to talk about a new paradigm of warfare with regards to advanced weapon systems, namely I'd like to discuss the inherent fear of autonomous robotic military equipment.

Why is it that humans fear robotic weapons systems so much? Is it because of the unknown, or a misunderstanding about what these systems are about, or how they work? Perhaps from an American perspective it is good this fear exists in the minds of the enemy as we use our UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles overhead. Still, we do have some fear amongst our own citizens, and perhaps this has to do with famous science fiction movies such as the Terminator series, but is this justified? And how can you win a battle against military robots?