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   (A) The licensee shall be accompanied by an able bodied assistant who shall immediately retrieve, and tag if necessary, all game taken. (Possession of the licensee's tag, required in this subsection, shall not be considered an unlawful possession of a tag or license issued to another person).
   (B) The assistant shall not possess a firearm, crossbow or archery equipment unless he/she is a licensed hunter and possesses any necessary license or tag for the area being hunted. The assistant shall not discharge a firearm or release a bolt or an arrow from the vehicle. If licensed, the assistant may dispatch wounded game which has moved out of range of the licensee.
   (C) The vehicle must be stopped and the engine must be shut off prior to the licensee discharging firearm or releaseing a bolt from a crossbow or an arrow from archery equipment.
   (D) The licensee shall notify the Department, at the regional office having responsibility for the area where the licensee intends to hunt, at least 48 hours prior to hunting or contact the department's 24-hour dispatcher at the number indicated on the license. The licensee shall specify the locality, vehicle description, and the approximate time frame during which such hunt shall take place.
   (E) The licensee or assistant shall not pursue any animal or drive or herd animals to any other hunters with a motor vehicle.
   (F) This license does not grant permission to trespass on private property or permission to use a motor vehicle while in any area where the use of motor vehicles is restricted or prohibited.
   (G) This license does not grant permission to discharge a firearm in any place or manner that would otherwise be unlawful, or to possess a loaded firearm in violation of any other city, county or state law.
   (H) The licensee shall have the license in possession while hunting from a motor vehicle.